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We welcome individuals, businesses, and groups to support the community and older adults by joining the Redmond Senior Center. Your investment in the Center advances our mission to create more opportunities for older adults.  Today, the Center provides essential services, Meals on Wheels and assistance to those who are isolated however, opening following COVID 19 isolation practices are no longer in place, the Center will offer an array of programs and services. 

Join our Redmond Area people, businesses, and organizations leading the way in advancing community and quality of life.

We help individuals, families, and groups engage with one another, connect with programs and services, and thrive in a fast growing community. 

Join those from Crooked River Ranch, Eagle Crest, Powell Butte, Redmond and Terrebonne and 

– Engage in programs and services tailored to local needs and wants; 

– Connect with others, friends, and community networks; and 

– Thrive as you share your time and talents while gaining treasures and ties. 

The community-based Redmond Senior Center is funded entirely by individuals, community businesses and groups, and philanthropic organizations. Your donation—made either annually/yearly or monthly—is an investment in the future.

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