Endowment Fund

Fund the Future

Your gift to the Redmond Senior Center endowment fund is an investment in the future. Contributions to the endowment fund are invested and managed by our financial advisement partner Edward Jones.

What is the Redmond Senior Center Endowment?

An investment account funded by the Redmond community which will provide annual investment income to the Center. Your contribution to the endowment fund is one that keeps on giving. The Center will only draw on the income and keep the principle intact. This means you initial donation will be supporting the Center for years to come. 

Why invest in the Redmond Senior Center Endowment?

  • This is an investment into the future of the Redmond Senior Center and the Center’s capacity to serve older adults in the future. A healthy endowment provides financial sustainability and promotes the longevity of the Center. Your donation keep on giving. The initial donation goes into the principle and will not be touched, providing perpetual investment income each year.

How can I contribute to the endowment?

  • One-time or recurring financial contribution
  • Stocks and mutual funds
  • Make a planned gift to the endowment by designating a charitable contribution to the endowment in your will or trust
  • Qualified Certifiable Distribution

IRAs often require a minimum distribution which is taxable. You can gift your IRA distribution to the endowment and the Center will receive the 100% of the funds with no tax.

If you have questions about the endowment fund or would like to make a contribution, call (541) 548-6325 or email us at info@redmondseniors.org